Clearance Services

Clearance Services

We can offer property clearance services to landlords and tenants.



Properties that may have been left unoccupied due to a change in family circumstance can sometimes need clearing. We can carry out a hassle free clearance of your property and disposal via recycling if possible. With most of the property clearances we complete, we donate all the items which we can to local charity shops and people in need.

Once the property has been cleared we can then assess the works required to bring the property up to standard, making it ready for rental.

Please call us for further details.


When a tenancy is coming to an end, we can offer a clearance service of surplus goods. We find that many tenants don’t have the transport facility to clear larger unwanted items and leave the clearing of the property to the very last minute, as their minds are often on other things at this point in their lives.

Moving property can also be one of the busiest times of your life, so offering this service sometimes takes off some of the pressure involved with moving property.

If you get stuck moving out, give us a shout!