When renting a property, it is very important to make sure you are covered by insurance for any damage that may occur to your landlord’s property in addition to the contents you will have within the property you rent. This is because the landlord’s own insurance will not cover your personal belongings or accidental damage to your landlord’s property. Without insurance, if there is any damage to the building, you will risk losing your deposit to cover the repairs – or even losing the deposit and having to cover additional costs.

We recommend all our tenants purchase insurance when they rent a home. After all, it only takes a spilt glass of wine or a small iron mark on a sofa or the carpet and you will have to compensate the Landlord! This is true even if the damage caused was not your fault and was caused by a visitor or a co-renter within a shared home.

At Wells Lettings we have a partnership with a leading insurance broker so that we can offer these essential insurance covers at affordable prices to cover your liabilities. We really can assist our tenants in every possible way.


While you would have purchased the compulsory buildings insurance when you took out the mortgage on your property, such insurance will not be adequate for those looking to become landlords and renting out their buildings. This, very simply, is because landlords face much greater risks than those faced by people who live within their own homes.

For example, if your property were to suffer flood damage, and your tenant was forced to move out of the property for a period of time, and especially if the tenant were injured or developed an illness in the process, you would be liable to pay out for anything not covered by your insurance. Buy-to-let or landlords’ building insurance, meanwhile, would provide all legal expenses, cover for the rent you would lose while repairs were carried out to your property and so on.

There is also the risk that even though thorough checks are carried out on all tenants, there is still no guarantee of knowing whether your tenant will take care of your property.

Again, through our partnership with a leading insurance broker, we are also able to offer our landlords comprehensive buildings insurance, rental income guarantee and contents insurance to cover you. Such insurance means you can be covered for all eventualities such as legal cover to carry out evictions, being covered for rental income, any accidental damage and so on.

We have established links with the insurance broker so that we can offer insurance to our landlords.

Whether you are a prospective or existing tenant or landlord and would like any further information about insurance, please call us and we will be happy to help.

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