Rental Services

Rental Services

At Wells Estates & Lettings we are dedicated to providing the very best service to both tenants and landlords. We go above and beyond for all our clients and make sure all the processes of renting your property are completed as smoothly as possible.

Have a look below at the services we offer to both our tenants and our landlords.


First Contact Support

The very first level of service we offer tenants is the initial support. This is the when tenants contact us for the first time asking about properties they have seen on our website, or registering with us in order to find a home suited to their needs. We spend time liaising with prospective tenants about their requirements and will discuss things such as location,

whether our tenants need off-street parking or a garage, if they require a garden, how many rooms they require and more. With this information we can search through our portfolio to see if we have properties which match the tenant’s requirements. If we do not have a property to suit at that point, we will log this information and will contact our tenants with any potential properties as they are added to our property portfolio.


If we contact you and you like the sound of the property after looking through the property details which we send you, we will arrange a viewing of the property for you on behalf of the landlord. We always try our very best to arrange viewings for a time which suits you so we often have slots available on weekday evenings, lunchtimes and at weekends.

We will accompany you at the viewing so we can offer you advice and answer any questions you may have about the property you are viewing or the tenancy process and our codes of conduct.

Reserving a Property

If you are happy to proceed with letting a property you have viewed, we can hold it subject to a holding deposit of £200.00, but please do not worry because if the tenancy goes ahead, we will deduct this from the deposit and rent you will be required to pay upon signing the tenancy agreement.

If the landlord declines the tenancy, you will be refunded. Should you decide not to proceed with the tenancy or the referencing is unsatisfactory the holding deposit will not be fully refundable. This offers the landlord protection from losing potential tenants if an agreement is pulled out of. This we feel is the best solution for both parties in the letting process.


We carry out in depth references as a way of protecting both the landlord and our tenants. We will require an employment reference,  current or previous landlord reference.  Each of these references needs to satisfy the standards we look for in our tenants. There are often occasions when we require a personal reference alongside the aforementioned possible referees. In some cases a guarantor may be required.

Then, in addition to all of these factors, we will undertake a credit check. Please know that we do not run these checks for any other reason than to provide protection for both sides of the rental agreement. We will use the services of an independent referencing company to obtain and evaluate these references on your behalf.


Rents are usually paid monthly and in advance. In nearly all circumstances, the tenant is responsible to cover bills such as council tax, utility bills and internet and telephone charges.


We require a deposit with each of our rental properties. A deposit acts as a security for the landlord in case of damage caused to the property which is not paid for. The deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Service, an independent organisation we use which safeguards the deposit until the end of the tenancy and which repays the funds to the appropriate parties at the end of the tenancy agreement.  This is usually equivalent to a month and a half’s rent.


We carry out full inventories on all our properties which are to be let. This details the condition of each room of the property, including driveways, garages and gardens. Every part of the property and any furniture and fixtures and fittings is included in this process. We may employ the services of an external company who specialise in inventories so further fees may apply. Please ask for prices as they differ per property size and whether it is furnished or unfurnished.

This process is repeated at the end of the tenancy to ensure nothing more than the expected wear and tear has occurred to the landlord’s property, and to ensure we can refund to our tenants their full deposit.


Administration fee                £175.00 per tenancy

Tenant references                 £100.00 per tenant

Guarantor references           £100.00 per guarantor

Company references             £300.00

Deposit Protection Scheme

The deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Service, an independent organisation which safeguards the deposit until the end of the tenancy and which repays the funds to the appropriate parties at the end of the tenancy agreement.